Cleanerfish specialist - Supplier of products to the

aquaculture and fishing industry


We are leading Norwegian supplier of pots and associated products. Our products are known to be effective quality products at reasonable prices


We deliver what you need of cleanerfish equipment. We have extensive experience with the use of cleanerfish and cleanerfish hide and all the accessories needed around this. Our focus is to be a safe and efficient supplier to clean the fish. We supply to both Norway and abroad.

We are leading quality supplier of pots and cleanerfish equipment.

We are leading quality supplier of  trap fishing and aquaculture industry and we provide to fishermen and farmers throughout Europe.

In last our range we focus on cleanerfish and equipment belonging to purify fish kelp hiding, receiving stations and otherwise mostly needed for cleanerfish to be effective and thrive in the cage. We are the largest supplier of pots and delivers everything you need accessories. Can not find what you are looking for on the website, send us an inquiry and we'll do what we can to acquire it. In addition to book in the online store, you can also make your reservations with us via tel (00 47) 38 61 05 30 or send email to
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