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Improved fish welfare for salmon and cleanerfish

Within the field of “Aquaculture” OK Marine wishes to be a partner for delousing. OK Marine has long experience and good cooperation with companies who use cleaner fish to fight lice among farmed salmon. The use of cleaner fish is a natural delousing tool. Our expertise and experience will help increase fish welfare and help you avoid large expenses.

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Leading on pot fishing

Pot fishing is an effective way of fishing to catch fish and shellfish of the best quality. The employees of OK Marine have more than 40 years of experience as professional fishermen. In collaboration with today's professional fishermen, we continuously drive product development to provide efficient products that meet the market's needs. We are known for providing pots of good quality at competitive prices.

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the GOOD concept

the GOOD concept provides optimal conditions for cleaner fish. The concept comprises cleanerfish sheds (main shed, resting shed and bottom shed), feeders and recapture tools. Proper protection, adapted feeding and a safe environment offers the best conditions for efficient delousing.