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feedGOOD Manual Feeder

Feeding Systems
Reliable and robust cleaner fish feeder for all conditions. Suitable for both block feed and pellets.
feedGOOD acts as an underwater bowl where the cleaner fish can feed in a safe and reliable environment. The feed is dosed from the top and most of the feed will remain in the bowl until it is eaten, thus providing far better feed control compared to dispensers that distribute the feed in water or air.

​feedGOOD is designed to provide a minimum of maintenance. The construction is very robust with just a single movable component; the feed dosing unit. The feeder is delivered with rope and user manual. Manual feeder is part of the feedGOOD portfolio, which is OK Marine’s products in the cleaner fish feed segment.
  • Easy operation
  • Controlled feeding at desired depth
  • Minimal feed spill
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Robust construction - suitable for all conditions
  • Competitive price

Download product sheet: feedGOOD Manual feeder
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