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feedGOOD Autofeeder Air

Feeding Systems
AutoFeeder Air is a fully automatic feeding system specially developed for feeding cleaner fish.
Autofeeder Air feeds the cleaner fish using compressed air. You simply add feed to the built-in tank and set the desired feed rate. The machine feeds the cleaner fish via two feeding points.

The autofeeder system can easily be scaled up according to needs. Autofeeder Air is developed for installation on fish farms but can also be used on more unconventional facilities such as smolt facilities, manure facilities or bird farming.

  • 45 liter tank that rooms 25 kg of feed
  • Capacity from 10 to 20 kg feed distributed through two hoses / feeding points
  • Possibility of expansion to 4 hoses / feeding points and 20-40 kg feed per day
  • Easy to adjust quantity
  • Timer
  • Pneumatic
  • Easy maintenance
  • Design can be easily scaled according to needs
  • No electronics
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