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cleanGOOD panel/crane shed

Cleaner fish shed
Panel/crane shed provides the cleaner fish with a safe place to rest and hide
cleanGOOD is where the salmon gets in contact with the cleaner fish. The cleaner fish needs a place where it can rest and hide in the pen. Panel / crane sheds from OK Marine ensure this while creating the perfect arena for lice eating. The panel/crane sheds make it easier to dry the shelter on land and reduces the need for ropes in pens.


Longer periods at sea

Panel/crane sheds are made for longer periods in the sea so that the cleaner fish can rest. When using this type of cleaner fish shed, you make a shed change and then transport the sheds ashore for cleaning. We also offer to perform this service. For more information, see Service. See also our animated video in the tab above.


We recommend placing the sheds in corridors in a V-shape, where the distance between the shed walls is approx. 2.5 meters. Then you achieve a slowdown of the salmon inside the cleaner fish's environment, which in turn will lead to easier access to lice for the cleaner fish.
Double, 250 gTriple, 250 g
Number of kelps1313
Depth10 m10 m
Total length6 m6 m
MaterialArmed PEArmed PE
Kelp width250 g. pr. square meter250 g. pr. square meter
Lead weight per kelp3 kg3 / 5 kg
Distance between kelps50 cm50 cm
Square meter per kelp4.87.2
Square meter total surface598936
Recommended amount of lumpfish5980 pcs9360 pcs
Recommended amount of small wrasse (up to 14 cm)4784 pcs7488 pcs
Recommended amount of large wrasse (more than 14 cm)1495 pcs2340 pcs
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