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feedGOOD Feed Buoy

Feeding Systems
The feed buoy distributes the feed to cleaner fish 2 meters below surface.
Feed buoy from OK Marine is used in connection with Autofeeder Air and Autofeeder EL. The feed buoy is placed in the cleaner fish shed corridor and fastened with its own ropes, independent of the sheds.

The feed hoses from the feeder are attached to the feed buoy and the feed is transported to a depth of 2 meters at the bottom of the buoy and distributed there. This way the lumpfish safely receives feed in its hiding area.
  • Placed loose in the shed corridor and attached to the ring with a rope to stay out of the way when drying/changing sheds
  • Distributes the feed 2 meters below surface, straight into the shed
  • Easy and safe attachment of feed hose from Autofeeder
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