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Good maintenance of cleaner fish sheds pays off both financially and environmentally. From experience, we know that important tasks like maintaining and cleaning sheds are often given less priority during hectic periods. We are here to help and can cover parts or the complete scope of your service needs, allowing a more efficient workday for your team. 

We issue environmental certificate if you send cleaner fish sheds in return to us.

Good maintenance preserves the sheds

We offer full service of cleaner fish sheds at several of Egersund Group’s Norwegian service stations. You can deliver the sheds for cleaning, repairs, disinfection, and packaging. Good maintenance preserves the sheds and is profitable for both your wallet and the environment.

All sheds are registered in our service system with unique service numbers. Thus, all service assignments are fully traceable with complete history.

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Tom Asbjørn Hatleskog

Sales Manager Export

+47 934 05 143