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feedGOOD Autofeeder El

Feeding Systems
feedGOOD Autofeeder EL is a robust and reliable feeder that can feed cleaner fish and smolt using only a smartphone and a power connection.
Correct feeding means an effective cleaner fish. Autofeeder EL is a fully automatic and reliable feeder that can be used with all types of pens and it feeds at the surface or at two meters depth where the cleaner fish is hiding in the shed. The feed can be controlled from anywhere using only a power connection, cell phone signal and a PC or smartphone.

Full control

You have a complete overview and can easily see if the feeding is active or not. Autofeeder EL is part of the feedGOOD portfolio, which is OK Marine’s products in the cleaner fish feed segment.

Robust and easy to use

The feeder is both very easy to use and very robust, it has no buttons, and it feeds safe and secure even with a lot of currents and poor weather conditions with all the electronics well protected inside a cabinet. It is very reliable and consists of module-based components that are easy to replace if needed. By using a cell phone signal, OK Marine can easily perform remote troubleshooting. Autofeeder EL can also feed smolt, thus contribute to increased growth and better fish welfare.
  • Fully automatic
  • 2 feed lines
  • Feed method: Air Control feed volume and intervals from pc or smartphone
  • Reliable in use
  • Easy installation
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Volume: 50 liter
  • Feed pellets up to 3 mm
  • Max/min feed per hour: 13 kg/30 g

Download product sheet: feedGOOD Autofeeder EL
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