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catchGOOD recapture net

Recapture and storage
catchGOOD recapture net is a more effective tool to catch cleaner fish from the pen. The recapture net is easy to operate and gentle on the fish.
The system comprises a casting net with an integrated grating panel that leads that cleaner fish into a separate chamber. The grading panel prevents salmon from entering the same chamber.

When the cleaner fish have gathered in the chamber, the net is lifted with the use of an embedded lifting strap and the cleaner fish is released into a suitable tank.

Preparations start the day before when you remove all other capture tools from the pen, as well as the bottom cleaner fish shed. Pull the main cleaner fish shed to the railing and feed the cleaner fish in the shed to gather the biomass. The next day, release the recapture net a few meters from the shed and close it towards the net wall.
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