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Shed cleaner, hydraulic 2 m

Special equipment and accessories
Shed cleaner with hydraulic operation for effective and gentle cleaning of cleaner fish sheds without use of high pressure water.
Cleaning of sheds is important to maintain an effective de-licing process. There are several methods to keep the sheds clean such as drying (curtain sheds), changing shrouds (panel/crane sheds) and rinsing (panel/crane sheds).

The washer from OK Marine helps to make the cleaning easier and more gentle. The washer can easily be assembled at work boat and the shed can be pullet through the cleaner with the crane, see video.
  • Adjustable brushes towards the wrasse shed
  • Flushing with seawater, low pressure
  • Assembles on the side of the boat

*  Hydraulic connection to power take-off on work boat.
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