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leadGOOD bottom/winter shed

Cleaner fish shed
Sheds that increase the survival of the wrasse in the winter. It also helps the wrasse to find the way back to the main shed in warmer periods.
leadGOOD bottom shed, also called lead shed, is important to keep the cleaner fish away from the bottom of the pen and rather lead it up to the main shed where the salmon is located.


This is a combined winter shed and lead shed from OK Marine that not only helps the wrasse to find its way to the top of the pen, but also a shed that gives it a place where it can stay during winter. The wrasse  has space and good conditions during the colder periods and in addition it finds its way up to the main shed in the warmer periods. The shed contributes to considerably higher survival of the wrasse in the winter as the wrasse pulls deeper at colder temperatures. Without a hiding place at the bottom of the pen, the wrasse has nowhere to hide and go to sleep.


Another important factor is that the shed keeps the wrasse away from the mort handling system.

Environmentally friendly

​All our cleaner fish sheds can be handed in for service; cleaning, repair, disinfection and packing. This can be done during the release or between releases.

If the cleaner fish shed is worn out and needs replacement, we receive our cleaner fish sheds and deliver for recycling. This is positive for the environment and fish farmers who deliver our cleaner fish sheds in return will receive an environmental certificate.

Assembly and tips - leadGOOD

  • The shed ball is lowered into the pen until it is approx. 3-4 meters from the mort  handling system, this is usually controlled with a camera if possible.
  • The top ends of the bottom shed are attached in such a way that they are at the main shed. It should be contact between the two types of sheds, so that the fish can easily move between them.
  • It is important that the entire length of the shed is covered with kelp, even with smaller pieces without kelp the fish will turn and swim back down to the bottom of the pen.
  • You may want to lower feed bags along the lead shed to lure the cleaning fish up towards the main shed.
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