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catchGOOD landing net

Recapture and storage
Recapture tool for cleaner fish with plates and wet lift at the bottom.
catchGOOD landing net can be delivered with feeding machine and kelp.

Combine with feedGOOD

Landing nets are advantageously placed in pens near the sheds. To collect the cleaner fish as best as possible, it is recommended to combine with a feeding machine, either feedGOOD manual or feedGOOD El Feeder.

When a satisfactory number of cleaner fish has accumulated (can be checked using eg ROV), simply lift it to the surface. Keep the tool in the crane until the cleaner fish has moved from the plate and fallen into the landing net. The cleaner fish is then released into a storage vessel / waiting cage / other cage.
  • 6 rounds in cone shape (PEHD) guide the cleaner fish down to the net when it is lifted
  • Wet lift at the bottom
  • Blow at the top
  • Space for manual feeder inside the tool to collect the cleaner fish as effective as possible
  • feedGOOD EL can also be used
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