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cleanGOOD lumpfish shed

Cleaner fish shed
cleanGOOD lumpfish shed is specially adapted for lumpfish and provides the extra protection the lumpfish needs in the pen. The lumpfish shed can be used both as a panel shed and a curtain shed.
Lumpfish are not as good a swimmer as wrasse. The lumpfish needs a place where they can rest and hide, and this is provided by lumpfish sheds from OK Marine - while they at the same time create the perfect arena for lice eating. Knowledge of local conditions and a deep understanding of the current at the site is important for placing the shed correctly.

Keeps the corridor principle

The cleanGOOD lumpfish shed is designed and placed in corridors so that the lumpfish has many meeting points with the salmon and thus has a short distance to the lice.
The corridor principle is crucial for creating the perfect arena for lice eating. The lumpfish gets a safe place to rest and hide, and a short way to work. This means a thriving lumpfish that behaves well in currents and is an effective lice eater.

Durable material for a long lifetime

The lumpfish shed needs next to nothing maintenance and can easily be dried on the edge of the pen to keep it clean. Fouling is not a challenge with cleanGOOD cleaner fish sheds.
The components are made of durable PVC which gives a long lifetime. The lumpfish shed can also be folded like a tarpaulin and takes up minimal storage space.

Environmentally friendly

All our sheds can be delivered for service. That is for washing, repair, disinfection and packing. This can be done between generations and when you are on a break.

We can recycle sheds if they are too old and need to be replaced. We deliver them to a recycle station. We do this to take care of the environment and every farmer receives a environment certificate pr recycles shed.
  • Provides the lumpfish with the necessary shelter and rest
  • Easy access to the corridor
  • Easy to use
  • Next to nothing maintenance
  • Made of durable PVC
  • Has a long lifetime
  • Dry easily on pen edge or rinse
  • Can be folded and takes up minimal storage space
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