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liveGOOD Rest shed

Cleaner fish shed
liveGOOD is a resting place for lumpfish. The shed increases the survival of the lumpfish, especially in areas exposed to currents..
liveGOOD Rest sheds are made on the same principle as main cleaner fish sheds from OK Marine, only with horizontal kelps, and are important for the survival of lumpfish in exposed locations. They are placed across the current near the net wall to ensure that the shed becomes the first thing the lumpfish encounters when it is taken by the current.

Saves the lumpfish from currents

Skjulene monteres gjerne flere skøytet i lag, slik at mest mulig av siden der strømmen renner ut er dekket. Monter skjulene i trygg avstand til notvegg, men så nære at rognkjeksen lett finner de når strømmen er sterk.

The lumpfish can handle a maximum water flow of 24-34 centimeters per second over a short period of time. In comparison, a salmon of the same size will be able to swim in water currents of 75-95 centimeters per second. In fish farms that are exposed to harsh wave and current conditions, you usually have a water flow of 30 centimeters per second, often up to 60 or 70. The rest sheds are placed across the current near the net wall, so that the shed becomes the first thing the lumpfish meets when caught of the current. This prevents the lumpfish from being pressed against the net wall when it is tired, and gives it the opportunity to rest and gain strength to swim back to the main shed.

The sheds are usually mounted in layers to cover the current side. Mount the sheds at a safe distance from the net wall, but close enough that the lumpfish easily find them when the current is strong.

Environmental friendly

​All our cleaner fish sheds can be handed in for service; cleaning, repair, disinfection and packing. This can be done during the release or between releases.

If the cleaner fish shed is worn out and needs replacement, we receive our cleaner fish sheds and deliver for recycling. This is positive for the environment and fish farmers who deliver our cleaner fish sheds in return will receive an environmental certificate.
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