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Danline float rope

Special equipment and accessories
Danline floating rope. High quality. Used by fish farmers and fishermen all over the country.
We supply float rope in following types/sizes:
  • 6mm 220m
  • 8mm 220m
  • 10mm 220m
  • 12mm 220m
  • 12mm 750m
  • 14mm 220m
  • 16mm 110m
  • 16mm 220m
  • 18mm 220m
  • 22mm 110m
  • 26mm 110m

We also offer floating rope that is packed in cartons to avoid problems during unpacking:  
  • Floating rope in carton 8mm 1000m
  • Floating rope in carton 10mm 700m

We also have a floating rope 2m with a spliced eye at the end.
DiameterLength per rollWeight per rollBreaking strength
6mm110m1,9 kg770 kg
8mm220m6,6 kg1360 kg
10mm220m9,9 kg2035 kg
10mm750m33,8 kg2035 kg
12mm220m14,3 kg2900 kg
12mm750m48,8 kg2900 kg
14mm220m19,8 kg3905 kg
16mm220m25,3 kg4910 kg
18mm220m32,6 kg6305 kg
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