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feedGOOD Centralfeeder

Feeding Systems
A waterborne central feeding system that ensures safe feeding of cleaner fish. Avoid feed spill with even feeding in all pens at the same time.
feedGOOD Centralfeeder is a central feeding system that feeds all pens in parallel with the desired amount of feed and up to four time intervals per day. The feeding is controlled from a PC.

Underwater feeding

The central feeder can feed ten pens at a time - with up to three distribution points per pen. The feeding takes place under water - directly where the cleaner fish is located to avoid wind and surface currents. Each feed line can feed up to 600 meters with a water velocity of up to 1 m/s in a 40 mm hose.

Remote and automated

The central feeding system is controlled via a web-based user interface and can be controlled from the control room on the feed barge or remotely controlled from the growth center on shore. Our unique way of adding the feed to the water stream combined with sensors provides very accurate feeding figures, which in turn are logged and presented in our own software.

This way you have full overview of the amount of feed that has been distributed and how much feed is planned to be carried out according to schedule. The system is fully automatic, and starts and stops according to the set feeding plan. The only thing that is required for manual work is to refill the silo and periodic maintenance.

Several environmental benefits

Waterborne feeding means minimal pipe wear, extended life for equipment and close to zero noise. You will also experience a significant drop in energy consumption by replacing air with water. In addition, new feed hoses will be cheaper to purchase as you do not need antistatic pipes.

Centralfeeder is part of the product series feedGOOD - OK Marine's products within cleaner fish feeding.
  • Ensures safe feeding of cleaner fish even on days with bad weather
  • Energy-efficient
  • Environmental benefits
  • Quiet in operation
  • Even and controlled feeding
  • Can be retrofitted to all feed barges

Download product sheet: Centralfeeder
L/W/H:1700 mm (+ 150 mm coupling) / 1400 mm / 1250 mm
Netto weight:750 kg
Capacity:1000 liter
Power:32a / 400v / 50 hz / 3 phase
Dosing:10 x 0-30 kg/hour
Pump pressure:Max. 3,5 bar
Pump flow:Max. 50 liter/min
Additional equipment:Cloud-based control system, insulation, flow meters, pressure sensors
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