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catchLICE lice net

Treatment nets
catchLICE lice net is a fine-mesh net that catches lice when salmon and trout are crowded. This minimize the infection risk at your own locality, neighboring localities and for wild fish.
OK Marine’s lice net catchLICE collects free-swimming lice before lice treatment of fish in well boats. catchLICE lice net is patent pending.

Collecting lice

Control counting shows that up to 60 per cent of lice fall off the salmon during crowding. With traditional sweepnets, the lice will remain in the pen and create a significant risk of local re-infection. Preliminary tests show that you catch twice as many lice with catchLICE than with a traditional sweepnet.
  • The lice are larger than the meshes in the net, meaning that you catch lice and avoid re-infection
  • Experience shows that catchLICE collects up to twice as many lice to the filters in the treatment vessel as a conventional cast net
  • Experience shows that the net is gentle on the fish
  • Experience shows that it is easy to maintain good oxygenation - the mesh size is large enough to ensure enough oxygen and good water flow
  • The fish is very calm and appears stress-free during crowding
  • As user-friendly as an ordinary sweepnet
  • Experience shows that catchLICE, with little to no instruction, is as easy to use as a conventional sweepnet

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