GOODeye Dead Fish Counter

Mort handling
GOODeye Dead Fish Counter provides digital, secure and efficient counting of biomass during mort handling. Automated daily reports ensure that you follow guidelines and requirements from the authorities. In addition, time-consuming manual counting becomes a thing of the past and you can instead spend the resources on production.
In order to be able to report correct data, there are both external and internal requirements for daily counting of dead fish in all production facilities.
OK Marine's camera system for counting dead fish, GOODeye, replaces the time-consuming work of counting dead fish manually. The digital counting process ensures a consistent and correct result - every time. Data and documentation are stored as a basis for analysis and reporting.
Using video analysis and machine learning, the system will learn over time, e.g. calculating biomass and identifying fish species such as salmon, lumpfish and wrasse. The system starts and stops for each pen and delivers data from each interval.
The system consists of GOODeye camera, a shockproof and water-resistant mobile device as a user interface, as well as hardware and network. The recording is controlled from the mobile device - which also shows the status in real-time.
GOODeye Dead Fish Counter ensures a continuous, daily counting process that provides data directly to the fish farmer´s systems and simplifies reporting both internally and to the authorities.
The product is very user-friendly and easy to assemble using "plug and play".
OK Marine supplies equipment for Mort handling. Dewaterers, transportation bins, hoses and special equipment.
Why choose GOODeye Dead Fish Counter:
  • Avoid manual labor with a potentially large margin of error
  • Delivers quality-assured reports in accordance with guidelines and requirements from the authorities
  • Secure, digital and efficient counting - always
  • Easy to start - easy to use
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