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21. Feb 2020
Blog: How to get cleaner fish to provide optimum service
Can you go a whole generation without lice treatment? Then you’ll have to depend upon cleaner fish having optimum conditions and that they graze effectively. Good welfare makes cleaner fish an efficient lice eater. Here you can see how you can ensure this in the pen.
21. Feb 2020
Guide: What kind of cleaner fish shed should you choose?
Cleaner fish sheds come in various types and models. Even though the sheds often have similar characteristics, it is important to find the right design to make the operations on the pen as good as possible.
18. Feb 2020
Aiming to improve fish welfare with a new grading net for cleaner fish
OK Marine has developed an efficient tool to collect cleaner fish from the pen. The system is gentle on the fish and can provide big savings for the fish farmer.