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Transport Hose PU/XH

Mort handling
Special hose for transporting fish, smolts and highly abrasive materials such as grain, cement, feed, pellets etc.
Transport hoses, often called flexi hoses or spiral hoses, are designed to transport fish. These hoses are normally found both down and up in a cage in connection with the dead fish system, but are also widely used to transport both smolts, roe biscuits and wrasse. Available in different variants.
Construction: 100% polyether polyurethane, extra thick, with shockproof blue PVC spiral. Transparent. Smooth inside, corrugated outside.
Excellent resistance to hydrolysis, microbes, abrasive products, ozone, weather and aging. Oil and chemical resistant. Food quality.
Temperature limits: -25ºC to + 85ºC.
Standard lengths: 203-305 mm: 10 mtr
IdYd SPU S1WeightMin. bendVacuum MH2O
203 mm220 mm1,20 mm3,50 kg/m500 mm1,5
254 mm274 mm1,40 mm5,10 kg/m650 mm1,0
305 mm329 mm1,50 mm6,45 kg/m750 mm0,5
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