Rescue for lumpfish

Lumpfish can only handle a water stream of max. 24-34 centimeters/second over a short period. In comparison, a salmon at the same size will be able to swim in water streams of 75 – 96 centimeters/second. Fish farms that are exposed to rough sea and strong currents usually have a water stream of 30 centimeters/second, and will often reach levels of 60 or 70.

liveGOOD resting sheds are vital to the survival of lumpfish at fish farms exposed to strong currents. The resting sheds are placed across the current and close to the net wall, which makes the shed the first thing the lumpfish meets when it is taken off by the stream. The shed prevents the lumpfish from being pressed against the net wall when it is tired and allows it to rest and recuperate before heading back to the main shed.


Cleaner Fish PEHD Resting Shed
Cleanerfish STD Resting Shed


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